Brian Walsby

Brian Walsby is an artist and musician who got his start in the thriving punk fanzine culture of the ‘80s. He has contributed artwork and interviews to many legendary zines over the years including FlipsideMaximumrocknrollRazorcake and The Hitlist, among many others. Walsby has also played drums with many bands including Scared StraightWwaxSnake Nation and Polvo. He is currently the drummer for the heavy North Carolina-based trio The Magpie.

Walsby has published several books of his artwork in the Manchild series as well as Self Empunishment, a collection of interviews with “self-reliant, self-employed, and otherwise self-motivated musicians, technicians, and artists.”

“(Music and art) fuel each other because they are both creative acts. It goes hand in hand, for me at least,” Walsby said.