Mark deSalvo

Mark deSalvo

Mark deSalvo is a painter who lives and works in San Diego, California.

Born in Reno Nevada, deSalvo rejected (or was rejected by) the popular culture of the time, instead surrounding himself with skateboards, punk rock and the art that emerged from these countercu ltures. His passions shaped a career that has spanned decades, never straying far from those influences. At the end of the day, deSalvo still paints for the worlds that inspire him.

After completing his formal art education in San Francisco, deSalvo literally hit the pavement, snail mailing hand written notes and knocking on doors of record labels and skate companies. This grassroots approach landed him gigs with many of the bands that occupied his stereo and skateboard companies whose products he regularly rode. No project too small and no subject too crass, deSalvo’s work is classic, recognizable and timeless.

Through art, deSalvo has lived out dreams of being a rock star and pro skater. He was never signed to a major record label but painted the covers for countless legendary albums. He never landed a skating sponsorship, but still landed himself on the cover of Thrasher and has a handful of his own skateboards.

Still actively painting, these days Mark is a dedicated family man who enjoys sharing his passion for art, music and skateboarding with his daughter Bluma, son Wiley, and wife Domenica.