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Album covers used to inspire wonder, curiosity, outrage. They’d make the news. Stores would pull controversial ones from the shelves. They used to be fussed over by artists and pored over by fans. Analyzed, memorized, parodized. They used to be more than thumbnails. They used to be statements.

Sonic Art Originals pay tribute to a time when album art mattered—by treating it as art. Music remains just as vital now as it did before streaming and downloading, so why limit its impact? Sonic Art Originals celebrate the world of album art through one-of-a-kind originals, album-related pieces, gallery-quality prints, and work by musicians and artists. There’s a universe of visual art around music, and Sonic Art Originals aim to remind fans how powerful they can be together.

It’s not just album art—it’s the original art behind the music.

Test Site Projects

test site projects

Test Site Projects is an artist-run fine art print publishing house located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Producing limited edition prints with invited artists, Test Site Projects is a platform grounded in collaborative experimentation. Specializing in lithography, screen printing, and digital production, they create unique art editions that push the boundaries of contemporary printmaking in materiality and process.

At Test Site Projects, everything is done in-house with the utmost attentiveness to every detail, from start to finish. Test Site Projects is a one-stop-shop for creative expertise to assist with many collection needs including print production and sales, custom framing, and art handling services.